Who We Are

Yash Raj Fresh Vegetables One of the most emerging farmer online fruits,vegetables and staple food seller in Maharashtra India .we try to providing you organic and always fresh vegetable in your door,whenever you need to get fresh fruits and vegetables according to your needs, we always there for you and try to deliver you best service ,materials on fixed time interval.we are very glade to inform you we are moving in digital platform now our team are fully support digital India Platform.

Why Choose Us

Eat Healthier

Eat Organic fresh and Healthier in very attractive price.

We Have Brands

Farmers are a brand value of our services and we here for him, happy to delivering farmers products to you on time.

Fresh And Clean Products

Our First Priority to delivering 100% Fresh Fruits and vegetables.

Modern Process

Now Days We are fully moving to Modern process and our farmers deal with Modern technologies.

We Are Farmers